1/2 Hour Massage                          $40


1    Hour Full Body Massage          $75

    (Include Hot stone)

     With Package of 3   $60 each


1/2 Hour  Body Work                    $50

    (Full body)

1/2 Hour Foot Relaxation Massage        $40


Salt Scrub:

Back Salt Scrub                           $60

 This will start with cleansing, skin scrubber exfoliation with salt scrub, steam softens debris trapped in pores and massage allows for gentle extraction, then high frequency and finish with custom blended masque.

7. Pure O2 (Oxygen) with collagen masque facial + $20

(Add on with either Basic or Deep Cleanser facial)

Dehydrated skin contributes to imbalances and premature aging.  The skin is made up of 70% water and most all skin.  regardless of skin type is thirsty.  Oxygen offers skin restoration with intensive hydration.  A pure oxygen and vitamin cocktail mist saturates the skin and offers intense antioxidant protection.  Fine lines and wrinkles plumped.  Dull skin revitalized, blemishes and redness diminished.

8. Four Layer Facial                                              +$20

   (Add on with either Basic or Deep Cleanser facial)

  Experiment the famous Four Layer Facial with Cooling and Warming thermal mask.


Skin Care

1.  Basic Classic Facial                  $60   (50Min)

     This facial is includes cleansing, Steam,

   plenty of massage, and customized mask.


2. Deep cleansing with acne treatment facial   $80

    This facial sloughs off dead cells and promotes cell turnover with enzyme peel, steam softens debris trapped in pores and allows for gentle extraction to cleanse blackheads and blemishes.  This is followed by a relaxing aromatic massage and custom blended masque with high frequency.

3. Ultrasound 4 - N - 1 facial                   $110


    Four age defying treatments that work together to rejuvenate the skins color, tons and elasticity, a skin scrubber exfoliation with enzymes that spins with hydration, diamond tip microdermabrasion a soothing hot/ cold massage face ironing, steam, extraction and customized mask.


Welcome to our

Skin care, Massage & Waxing service

( 15 years of experience will give you your new and healthy skin , if you want to have a Bikini and Brazilian wax but had bad experience please try out).

Classic Facial buy 3 for $165,

Deep Cleansing buy 3 for 210,

     ****Microdermabrasion or Vitamin C buy 3 for $240

4. Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Express   $55   (30Min)

** Recommend w/ previous # 3 facial

Mini cleansing w/ Microdermabrasion and soothing mask.

5. AHA Peel with Hydrated Mask  add  $15 

   (Add on with either Basic or Deep cleanser facial)

   High concentrations of organic pharmaceutical Alpha Hydroxy Acids are applied to the skin.  This helps lower the natural ph of the skin to offer a deep and safe peel, naturally derived, Glycolic Acid is known to exfoliate deep cellular debris and to increase collagen production.  Great results are achieved to decongested clogged pores, improve sluggish skin and help acne breakouts, and rosacea.

6. Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion  + $30   (+10min)

                                          Chest add   $35

   (Add on with either Basic or Deep Cleanser facial)

This remarkably fast and effective method offers deep skin exfoliation, promotes collagen production and helps to reduce facial scarring.  It is expecially beneficial on recent scars acne marking, Hypo-pigmentation and age spots.  The method combines a vacuum suction with a fine diamond tip attachment to remove superficial layers of dead skin cells.  A soothing post treatment serum and a specialized masque calms the skin to reduce redness.


Great Spa

530 Boston Road

Billerica, MA 01821

978-667-6898 or


Hair remove


Eye brow wax or Treading w/ shape           $10

Upper lip/ Chin                                    $ 5  /  $10

Fore head                                                   $10

Side                                                             $10

Full face                                                       $35


Arm / Legs:

Under arm                                                    $15

Half arm  /  Full arm                            $25  /  $40

Half Leg   /  Full Leg                            $35  /  $60

Full leg  with Bikini                                       $75


Back                                                            $50

Chest                                                           $50

Shoulder  Part  /   Full                          $25   /  $30


Bikini                                                          $30

Semi Brazilian Bikini                                  $40

Brazilian Bikini                                           $50

Extreme Brazilian                                      $60