Nails enhancement

(Service include nice massage & hot towel)


New Set:

Regular / White Tip                     $30/ $35   (45 min)

Sculptured Full set                          $40       (1 hour)

Pink & White                                 $45    (1 1/2 hour)

Builder Gel (UV light)                    $45         (1 hour)

Refill (recommend every 2 weeks)

(Price include trim  add  5 to 10 min)

Regular  fill                                $23        (30 min)

Pink & white fill                          $35        

Builder Gel fill                            $28

Eyelash extension

Full new set  /  refill                         $50/  $20

(Single) Full new set  / refill             $90  / $40


            & Pedicure

( Our service always end up with nice exfoliate, massage & hot towel)  (buy 3 service of nails have 10% off)


Spa Manicure                                   $15     (20min) 

Deluxe Spa Manicure                       $30     (40min)

(include Scrub exfoliation & Paraffin & hot stone)

Nails polish change                          $10     (10min)

(include nails trim, buffer and file)

Classic Pedicure                             $20      (25min)

(w/ warm soak, nail clipping and polish) 


Spa pedicure                                   $30     (40min)

(Classic add callus remove, exfoliating, and massage)


Deluxe Spa Pedicure                       $50     (1 hour)

(Spa Pedicure add Paraffin, 10Min foot massage,

and hot stone)


Toes polish change                         $15   (15min)

(Nails trim, buffer and file)


Hot oil   /  Paraffin                         $ 5 /  $10  (10min)

Hot stone                                       $5             (5min)

French  / Design                            $5

                                             Welcome to our

                                 Hair & Nails service

To take best care of our customer, we used Certified-Organic Hair color, help nutrition and give your hair with healthy and natural look after the color.

and to make your nails and toes look good and healthy, we sterilizer all our tools, new buffer and file for each customer.  We do the best to improve our services.

Hair Service


Barber Cut                                           $15

Shampoo                                             +$5

Style Cut, shampoo and dry                $25+

Style Cut, shampoo and blow dry        $35+

Blow dry & shampoo                           $25+

Up-do'                                                 $45+


Perm & Color:

Perm                                                   $50+

 New color                                           $50+

Retouch color                                      $45+

High light/ Low light  (Partial)               $45+

Full High light/ Low light                      $60+

Extra color  / toner                               $15


Hair care:

Nutrition Hair                                    $35


 BrazilianBlow out                           $180

 (Straight or smooth curl, leave hair

  soft, silky, shinny look eliminates frizz)




Gel polishes:

Gel polishes are polish that need cured w/ an UV

lamp, Gel polish is 100% dry when you walk out the door and can last up to 3 weeks without chipping.  You can put your shoe back on, root around in your purse or what ever you like without fear of single ding or dent.  Take extra 10Min w/ service.

Add on service                                       $10


Great Spa

530 Boston Road

Billerica, MA 01821

978-667-6898 or


All Nails service for

 children under 10 years of age

w/  20% off

 Regular Package Special:

Spa Manicure (Buy 5 for $65) Reg. $15 each

Spa Pedicure   (Buy 5 for  $135)  Reg. $30each

Spa Pedicure & Spa Manicure Combo

        (Buy 5 for $200)    Reg. $45 each